Sunday, December 29, 2013

It Begins! Resolutions 2014: The Year of Getting Shit Done

Every year I make resolutions. Every year I break them too, but that never puts me off making them. I'm one of those people who likes beginnings, but not so much seeing things through. You know - I was the one who would get excited over the new stationery at the start of the school year, and for the first week I would laboriously draw red margins on every page and use the best handwriting I could muster. It never lasted - by week 3 it was my usual scrawl and I'd have either sucked the ink out of my red pen while chewing on the end of it (embarrassingly, this was a pretty regular occurence for me), or lost it somewhere in the depths of my school bag. But those first few pages each year were spectacular.

Anyway, that's all a longwinded way of leading into my first resolution for this year, and I'm about to let you in on the dirty secret under my bed. Ready?

These are all clothes that don't fit me, and - as you can see by the styles - haven't for quite a long time. They're also clothes I really like and don't want to get rid of. I'm about 10-15kg off being able to get into most of these. Some a bit less, some quite a bit more. Some of them I've had for many years - since before Noodles was born.

So after lugging all of these around with me for years only to store them in plastic boxes under my bed, I've decided to do something one way or the other. Whatever I can't fit into by the end of June 2014 gets chucked. I'm hoping the attachment I have to them will be the spur I need to get back in them, because I would be a bit devo if I'm forced to get rid of any of them.

I've boxed them back up by size so at the end of February I'll pull out the box with the largest sizes and see how they fit. Wish me luck!


  1. Ah yes, this will be a resolution of mine too. I have lots of lovely dresses I can't squish into any more.

  2. Great resolution, you've got some cute things there! :)

  3. I think that is a wonderful idea - I may just take inspiration from you and do the same with some of my clothes (but first I will chuck a whole out)