Sunday, October 27, 2013

Random eBay Brush vs Everyday Minerals

While I was trawling eBay for cheap crap a while ago and happened across the Real Techniques dupe brush, I also found a flat top kabuki brush that looked a hell of a lot like an Everyday Minerals brush. Once again, these are available from a bunch of different sellers, and I chose this one for no particular reason. The cost was $2.59AU with free postage - well under my $5 'nothing to lose' budget.

When I received it, I was surprised to see that it actually is an Everyday Minerals brush - right down to the stamp. I have a fair few EDM brushes, and I've talked before about how much I like them, especially the face brushes. I don't know whether it's overstock or maybe a second, but it's definitely an EDM brush.

I can't do an exact comparison because my original EDM flat top died a year ago, and I never bothered replacing it (until now!) because I had a Crown brush that was pretty much the same thing.

Everyday Minerals round top kabuki, eBay flat top kabuki

eBay flat top kabuki, Crown flat top kabuki

I decided to compare in action with the Crown brush, as I would be using these two for the same thing.

  • The eBay brush is soft, but not quite as soft as the Crown brush. 
  • I have had the Crown brush for at least a couple of years and washed it many times with never any shedding. 
  • I washed the eBay brush before and after using. There was no shedding, though there were one or two unevenly sized hairs that came loose when I tugged at them. 
  • Both brushes cleaned more easily when used with powder than when used with foundation - the foundation gets down into the bristles and you need an oil-based cleanser of some type to get it out. 
  • The eBay brush was slightly stiffer than the Crown brush, which I felt made for easier application of both foundation and powder. 
  • This is litereally an Everyday Minerals brush - there doesn't seem to have been any attempt to fake it, as there was no mention of EDM in the description, and they are not really a brand that would attract fakes. I guess as I said above it's either overstock or a second, though there wasn't anything wrong with it, and it felt and looked like every other EDM brush I have. 
  • As for whether I would recommend it, if you're looking for a flat top brush and you're willing to risk a couple of dollars on something that might be a second and therefore inconsistent in quality, then yes - I would absolutely recommend it.

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  1. I bought the brush from the same eBay seller and it arrived today, I compared it to my real Flat Top Kabuki Brush and it's a definite fake. It isn't as soft as the real one and is less dense so like you said, foundation gets down to the bristles.

    It was cheap and will do for when I forget to wash my brushes, no big loss there!