Saturday, March 10, 2012

2012 Inventory Loose Shadows and Samples

Okay, strap in folks - this is it. My eyeshadow collection. I am breaking this one up into several posts, because it's beyond ridiculous, starting with loose eyeshadows.

In my defence:
  • many of these are samples, although to be truthful there is enough product in most of them that I'm not likely to run out any time soon
  • they are SO cheap and the shipping is usually pretty good too, so it's hard to resist stockpiling these
  • the colours are GORGEOUS. 

Right, excuses out of the way, so let's get on with it. I've linked to swatches where I have them.

1. French Films, 11:59pm, I'm Keeping Your CDs
2. Rock Anthem, Vintage Denim, Volcano Blossom
3. Silver Spoon, Carpool, Ballet Slippers
4. Come What May, Beach Towel, Floating Feathers

Evil Shades and a random Darling Girl (note, I would not wear this colour in a million years but it's spectacular - I must swatch it so you can see)

More Silk Naturals

The She Space/Heatheresque
1. Dance Past Doubt, Find Your Voice, Make It Happen x 2
5. Crazy For Kisses, Scatterbrain, False Pretence, Diligence Does Good

1. Ben Nye Peacock, Ben Nye Turquoise, Fyrinnae Adam & Steve, Fyrinnae Painted Roses
2. Shiro Cosmetics Bulbosaur, Detrivore Cosmetics Machine 27, Silk Naturals Sizzle, Face Atelier Champagne
3. Aromaleigh Serenade, Aromaleigh Catteleya, Darling Girl MVP, Darling Girl Peep Toe, Darling Girl Iris

I don't feel guilty about this because I know people who have massive collections of loose shadows, like, in the high hundreds. So ner.


  1. I feel smug because loose eyeshadow might be one of the ones where you beat me hands down!! ;)

    1. Haha, I love it when I look at other people's inventories and they're worse than me. ;-)

  2. How good are the Aromaleigh shadows?!! The online shop is back. I don't even want to look!

    1. Oh, I know! While I was taking these photos I was like, "Wow, there are so many pretty colours here, I wonder what new things these shops ha - STOP RIGHT THERE CRAZYPANTS!"

  3. Ahahahahahaha! You'll forgive me for laughing but multiple shadow inventories!! God, I feel so much better.

  4. That's not as bad as I thought it was going to be! I'm with you on the samples, it's so easy to acquire a ton of them!

    1. It's not bad for someone who uses a lot of loose eyeshadows, but I don't. I love them, but the mess annoys me. I keep meaning to press them... one of these days.

  5. I have very few full sizes, but my sample collection is out of control. Samples are so justifiable ;)

    1. Samples just last so long, don't they? I get the feeling it's really only the hardcore collectors who get a lot of full sizes.