Thursday, January 12, 2012

How To Do Customer Service

A while back I read an article in a magazine about chemicals in everyday products, including tampons. I'd never really given any thought to that before, but once the idea entered my head I was a bit freaked out by what I could possibly be - uh - putting inside myself. So I was on Twitter chatting to Jade about organic tampons and up pops Sabine from Echolife, who offered to send me some to try. I was happy to pay for them - I'd been meaning to do an order from the site anyway because Jade had already given it a massive thumbs up rave, and a tampon's a tampon. Even if it's not that fantastic, it's still gonna get used. However, I did ask if she had any samples of natural shampoos she could send with my order for Noodle Arms to try on her thick wavy mop.

As you can see, those 'samples' are actually a full bottle each of shampoo and conditioner! And both Noodles and I really like it, so that's going in the staples pile. So what did I think of everything else?

Organyc Organic Cotton Tampons
As I said, tampons are tampons - they have one job to do and these ones do it. I'm happy with them and I will buy them again. I wish I'd thought about it years ago though - 30 years of sticking who knows what (YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) in my lady parts plays on my mind a bit. :-/

Nature's Goodness Olive Leaf Mouthwash

I've mentioned before that I'm paranoid about the throat cancer links with mouthwash that contains alcohol, and I try to avoid it as much as possible. Previously I'd been using Listerine Zero, but I like this one better. It has a nice minty citrus taste. My only complaint is that it bubbles up a lot so it's hard to gargle with. I'll still buy it again.

Wotnot Naturally Nurturing Facial Wipes
I have to admit I'm not entirely sold on these - they smell quite strongly of olive oil and they seem to leave a bit of a film on my face. I could be biased as I'm not keen on facial wipes in general - I keep them on hand for severe bouts of laziness, but I'm not a regular user. I'm undecided about whether I'd buy this brand again.

Organyc Organic Cotton Panty Liners and Cotton Ultra-thin Pads
I bought these for Noodles. I asked her what she thought of them.
"Can you be more specific? It's for the blog."
"Mu-uuuuum! They're FINE."
Okay, then. They're fine, apparently.

Echolife has free delivery in Australia and my order arrived within a couple of days. Sabine is also extremely helpful and knowledgable and has customer service down to a fine art. During a conversation I had with her I mentioned that I wasn't a fan of lip balms and considered them a necessary evil. A few weeks later at Christmas I came home one day to find a package in my letter box.

How awesome is that? Echolife is definitely where I'll be doing all my hippie shopping from now on. And also, as lip balms go, Burt's Bees are pretty damn good, I have to admit.


  1. Hippie shopping, ha!

    Btw, have you heard of Diva Cups? Google it. I know some people who never stop talking about it.

  2. Sabine is a champ, I'll never shop anywhere else for my essential natural beauty/bath & vitamins stuff :D I've been using the Wotnot wipes everyday hehe ah I'm so lazy :)

  3. I just placed an order based on your post - I'm allergic to chlorine and regular tampons irritate my whatnot.

  4. someone has kinda half somewhat converted you to lipbalms? Amazing. Sabine must be good!

  5. A light Amolin application each night will sidestep the lipbalm need completely #justsaying Also not a big lipbalm person...

  6. Liz, I have heard of Diva Cups, but I'm drawing the line at organic tampons!

    Jade, thanks for puttiing me on to this site - love it!

    Karyn, hope you like them! I was a bit stunned when I read all the ingredients in regular tampons. I'd always just assumed they were tightly packed cotton or something.

    Tegan, I know! I can't believe that myself. ;-)

    Suzanne, isn't Amolin really thick like Bepanthen? I don't think I could stand that on my lips. :-/