Friday, January 13, 2012

Silk Naturals Brow Cream

When I did my last Silk Naturals haul before Christmas, I threw in samples of a bunch of things to try just because. I don't need any brow products - I have loads of them - but I don't have anything like the Brow Cream, so that was enough to get me to try it.

It's okay, we're all thinking it.

The sample came in a little clam shell container, and it's quite solid. I thought I might have trouble with it for that reason, but even with the flimsy #266 brush you just wipe it over the product a couple of times and you get a good amount to apply. I found it worked much better with my Illamasqua angled brush though, as that is stiffer.

I really like this product. It neatened up my scraggly brows nicely and it lasted well throughout the day. Medium Ash was the colour I got and it was pretty right for me, not too dark and no red in it. It's listed on the site under both 'new products' and 'holiday specials' so I'm hoping it's not limited edition as I definitely want to get a full size when I order from there again.

Full size is 2g for $6.50US and I imagine that would last for ages because the teeny sample I got barely has a dent in it and I've used it a few times. Samples are $0.99US.


  1. Oh I like this! It really frames your eyes well and looks easy to use :)

  2. It is so easy! Quick, too. :-)