Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Frittering Week 3

You know, this would be a lot easier if I had the slightest amount of willpower or ability to deny myself anything.

snacks (unhealthy) $11.46
snacks (healthy) $2.32
coffee $9.10
breakfast $11.40
beauty $108.75
dinner $22.30
magazines $17.35
coconut water $7.50
lunch $33.00
accessories $15.59
perfume $45.00

So the plan to not get coffee fell through after a sleepless night thanks to the rat, and then having to go pick Noodles up from the airport the next day. That also accounts for one of the magazines (though the other was just an impulse buy), and lunch.

"Accessories" was a random impulse purchase of earrings on Etsy. I have tons of earrings (and I never wear most of them), I definitely do not need another pair. I am blaming the perfume purchase on Suzanne. I have been pretty good at resisting the lure of indie perfume reviews over the past few months but she made these sound so enticing that I went a bit cray-cray. Grrr! And the beauty purchase... it's Strawberrynet - a Tweezerman mirror with a light (thanks to Karyn's video), a pair of eyelash curlers because I can't find mine anywhere, a Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser as I don't have any at the moment (I've been stealing Noodles' Body Shop one and I kind of hate it), and a MAC MSF Natural. Don't know why I bought that last item - I rarely wear powder. *sigh*

Mini Goal #1
Again, my mini goal is to not buy any coffee this week. Theoretically this should be easy - I have all week off, I don't have any major plans, I don't have to pick anyone up from an airport... so we'll see how that goes.

Mini Goal #2
No unhealthy snacks this week (chocolate, chips, cake, etc.). Noodles and I are back on the healthifying wagon anyway so this should hopefully not be difficult.

How's everyone else going with their New Year goals and resolutions so far?

Oh, and totally random - HELLO, DREAM KITCHEN!


  1. Well you aren't doing too bad! I have a weakness for coffee too :) And I've been pretty good on the impulse buys.... but I have a necklace on Etsy I'm going to buy soon!

  2. Ugh, I have to ban myself from looking at Etsy I think. There's no such thing as window-shopping on Etsy for me - it ALWAYS results in a purchase (or four)!

  3. I can't even remember what my resolutions are. How about that? ;)

  4. HA! Image, meet my hard drive.

    Did you go Cake or Death?

  5. healthyifing!!! What kind of earrings did you buy? I need awesome earrings now that Miss 5 and I have ours pierced :) as for my goals I think I need a refresher, I've forgot already bahahaha!

  6. I tried coconut water today (pineapple flavoured). It was odd, but strangely alluring.

    My goal to say no to things I don't want to do is proving to be not as difficult as I thought (two little ones so far); and I am mid way through my third book for the year!

  7. Liz, good going - nothing to feel guilty about then! :-D

    Suzanne, I did - full bottle. And also full bottles of 2 others but I can't remember which ones! Oh, and samples of The Rose Knight, Elf Queen and Vampire Princess.

    Jade, got some little wooden owls. I sent you a link by email.

    Jodi, the coconut water I like is this one - I usually have the one with the pulp:


  8. My gosh, If I added up all of my expenses and realised how much per week I spent on coffee I would probably die in a hole from embarrasment lol!

    Goodluck with the savings plan

  9. Ooer, tell me how The Rose Knight goes. I have a creepy gamer crush on Alistair, who it's based on.

  10. TBO, thanks! :-) And yes, coffee is one of those things that just eats away at your purse.

    Suzanne, shall do - though I am a total non-gamer (terrible hand-eye co-ordination) so I have no idea who that is.