Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Indie Perfume Collection - Part 3

Phew! I didn't realise how long this was going to take me - I thought I'd just snap a few pictures and whack them up on the blog but it took me forever. I was planning to immediately go on and inventory all my makeup but I think I might leave that til the new year now. And maybe have a bit of a clean out first...

This last post is mostly companies whose perfumes I have quite a few of, with some other randoms at the end. As with the other two, I'll link to reviews if I have them.

Twlya: Chocolate Roses, White Chocolate Apricot, Raspberries & Chocolate, Chocolate Violets, Strawberries & Chocolate (this is a Valentine's LE collection, in case that wasn't obvious)

Twyla: Spirit of Christmas Past, Spirit of Christmas Present, Spirit of Christmas Future, Xochiquetzal, Angelita, Pan de Muerto y Chocolat (these are Yule LEs, again in case that was a mystery)

Twlya: Bone Flower, Milk Flower, Black Coconut, Beatrix

Solstice Scents: Burnishing Glace Mists in Nightgown, Cenobite, Lace Draped Spectre

Solstice Scents: Gardenia Enfleurage x 3

Possets: Christmas in New Orleans, Love on my Tongue, Luminaria, Lovechild: Meltbaby (all 2012 Yule LEs)

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Snake Oil, Hell's Belle, Jazz Funeral

BPAL: Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal, Touched Twice, Victorian Rose Milk v1, Black Lace, Mad Kate

BPAL: Womb Furie, Love's Philosophy x 2, Saint Foutin de Varailles

The Body Shop Madagascan Vanilla Flower (that shouldn't be there as it's not indie, but I keep it with my other perfume oils), Midnight Gypsy Screamin' Mimi, Blushie Gypsy Woods, The Garden Bath Fresh Roses, Vanilla Nutmeg

Aromantik Cabinet of Curiosities, Dark Side of the Spoon, Alchemic Muse Cloud Nine, Common Brimstone Rei. 

Okay, that's it. Nothing more to see here.

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