Sunday, June 30, 2013


1. My work is chaos at the moment. My team is having a meltdown over some changes that have been on the cards for a couple of years and myself and one other person seem to be the only two out of 10 not freaking out. It's very tiresome. I have a lot to do and I just want to get on with it, but I'm being interrupted constantly by people wanting to talk about the drama.

2. Last night I was watching Eastenders and I was struck yet again by how quickly people leave in soaps once they decide they are going. Tanya - who's been in the show for maybe 8 or 9 years - decided to take her alcoholic daughter to a clinic in the country. She has a sister and nephew in Albert Square, brother in law, friends, and owns a business. But she had made her decision, was packing a suitcase, and had a taxi waiting while she told her daughter they were leaving. And then they were gone. Just like that! She has a car - why didn't they drive instead of taking a taxi and a train to this place? What about her business? What about the other daughter she left behind? A few weeks ago Sharon was having a bad time and Dot suggested she go on holiday for a while. Within the same episode (they are almost always one day) she had packed up, got her dopey kid from school and was off on a flight to Florida. Seriously??? Who makes and then carries out these decisions within hours other than grifters?

3. Noodles got a job at a fast food place and I think (hope) it will do her the world of good. She's been so unhappy the last year or so and really struggling so I think working will help her focus on something other than how crappy she feels, as well as giving her some independence and responsibility. She has to do all this online stuff before she starts and she's been enthusiastically getting into that all weekend, so even though she's acting all cool about it, I think she's pretty excited. I had to go to the interview with her because she is under 18 and she presented really well - confident and friendly. I was very proud of her. Go Noodles!

4. I am doing #NoBuyJuly and also #DryJuly. I have been pissing money up the wall lately - no idea where it's all going, because I don't feel like I'm buying much. However, if I added it all up that would probably tell a different story. I have also been drinking more than I would like. When I get together with my BFF for TV we always drink all the way through it - and lately that's been a couple of times a week. I would like to give my liver a bit of a rest. Not to mention I have no stamina these days and it doesn't take much to have me waking up seedy and feeling rubbish the next day.

5. Politics is gross at the moment. I don't want to talk about it and I've been avoiding the news entirely. I get all my news from Twitter these days. And on that subject, I get really annoyed when people dismiss Twitter as pointless. Sure, there are One Directioners and Beliebers skewing the trends all the time, but for links to proper news and analysis on issues Twitter is my go to. I'm certainly not getting any of that from mainstream media in this country.

6. Dinosaurs of the world: you are on notice. Your time is nearly over.  Standing up against sexism, racism, homophobia and misogyny is exhausting and often feels pointless, but I like that it's happening. Helen Razer and other 'social commentators' can STFU about 'confected outrage'. Social media is a wonderful tool for revealing all manner of things we would otherwise not know about, and it DOES make a difference. That's been proven over and over again. If it weren't for social media George Zimmerman probably wouldn't be sitting in a court room right now. If it weren't for social media most of us would never have even heard of Wendy Davis, let alone be able to watch the amazing thing she did the other day. If it weren't for social media, most of us would have no idea of the disgusting racism of Paula Deen (and no, it's not just that she said the 'n' word 25 years ago), and all those companies who have ditched her now probably would not have, not being under any pressure to do so. Unfortunately, we are yet to catch up in Australia - we still largely detested a Prime Minister because she was a chick, and told  a black footballer that he should harden up when he was called a racist slur and had the audacity to call it out. But we'll get there.

Phew! That got a bit ranty, didn't it? I have to admit, I've been in rant mode pretty much all week - ready to go anyone over anything. Maybe it's the super moon.


  1. I'm so over politics and to be completely honest have avoided most mainstream media for years because of this and the complete and utter bullshit that is reporting these day.

    1. I blame Murdoch. That arse has a chokehold on media in this country.

  2. That's great news for Noodles - congratulations. Aside form the fact it's just nice to have your own money, I think having a job as a teenager gives you a little bit more independence and you meet people from outside your usual circle. I'm sure she'll be fantastic!

    1. I agree - she makes friends pretty easily and there's another girl starting at the same time so she won't be alone. I think it will be great for her. :-)