Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mad Men

I freakin' love Mad Men. It might actually have replaced Twin Peaks or Freaks and Geeks (I go back and forth on those) as my all time favourite TV show. I know some people find it boring because not a whole lot seems to be happening (oh, but it is!), but I adore everything about it. The style, the era, the characters (even the ones I hate), the acting, the dialogue, the stories. Everything. Can we please talk about:

  • Bob Benson. I always love seeing James Wolk on my TV screen, and as the mysterious accounts man he gave me life this season. Conspiracy theories were flying about old Bob around the internets, but in the end he wasn't Don's secret son, or a government agent, or a rival spy. He was just a gay Dick Whitman.
  • Pete Campbell. Pete has long been my favourite character, and I'm a bit of an apologist for him, because I know he has done a lot of dickish things. But he's got layers, and he's capable of being a decent person. He's used for comedic value a lot of the time, but sometimes he can be unbearably sad, and this season he lost pretty much everything. Okay, he brought a lot of it on himself, but still. Poor Pete. :-(
  • Peggy's pantsuit. Oh hell, yeah! 

  • Sally Draper's horrifying habit of walking in on adults indulging in the more sleazy aspects of sex. Poor Sally is destined to become Don 2.0 if she's not careful. 
  • Betty has been much redeemed this season. I've been watching Season 1 again and she's quite likeable there too, which I think lends credence to my theory that she was once a normal, happy person and Don made her into the monster she became. He has now started doing the same to Megan. Once Betty was out of that marriage and with Henry, who is one of the more decent people in the show, she seemed to eventually blossom and become happy with her lot. She was even nice to Sally a few times! 
  • Speaking of Don, I've loathed him almost from the get-go, but the finale made me feel sympathy for him for the first time in years. And Jon Hamm is a PHENOMENAL actor - when he was telling the true story of why he was so attached to Hershey's chocolate it was mesmerising. Give that man a bloody Emmy! 
  • "I'd invite him over but Ralph has stopped drinking and you know little Ralphie's spastic." DYING. 
  • "Not great, Bob!" DYING AGAIN. 
  • Stan. Stan and Peggy. Stan and Peggy and Ginsberg. They need to go and start a company of their own. And then Stan and Peggy can get married and be awesome together.
  • That look Sally gives Don at the end of the finale when he shows her the whorehouse he grew up in. 



  1. I cannot stand Mad Men - some times I think I am the only person in the world who feels that way. I tried watching the first series on a plane and few years ago and hated it.

    The clothes though, I love.

    1. Haha, you're on an island alone lady! MAD MEN RULES! ;-)

  2. I'm on that island as well- I did try because I love that era

    1. Ah well, at least Natalie will have some company. ;-)