Sunday, January 22, 2012

Random Update (with random picture just because)

I have a bunch of posts I've been meaning to do but it's too damn hot at the moment so here's a bunch of random things for no reason.

1. I am now on Pinterest. As near as I can gather it's just Tumblr with the ability to organise the pictures, but it gives me somewhere to put all the pretty pictures I see around the interwebs. Especially house ones - I'm always collecting house pictures. I seem to have some invite wotsits too - only a couple, so if you want one let me know and if you're quick enough I'll send you one.

2. After nearly 14 years Noodles has finally learned to ride a bike. I tried to teach her when she was young but she had no interest and since she was a city kid I didn't push it. It's not like she needed a bike to get anywhere. However, her friend R is buying a new one and offered to give Noodles her old one so she had to learn, and now she's super jazzed with herself.

3. Work is annoying me. There's been awkward drama going down and where I sit is SO effing hot. The air conditioning is craptacular and I'm sweating like a weight watcher in a cake shop most days lately. Ugh.

4. My attempt at Frugal Fortnight - ie: not buying a single thing I don't need, as mentioned in last week's fritter post - has not gone well. It was supposed to start on Thursday, but today is the first day so far I have not bought something trivial and unnecessary. And that's only because it's too hot to get dressed and go anywhere.

5. I finally got around to updating my ScentBase, which was about a year out of date. I'm amazed at how much I managed to cull last year - I went from 300ish (mostly samples - I'm not ready for Hoarders just yet) to a much more reasonable 77 (nearly half still samples). I'm also surprised to realise that I bought hardly any commercial fragrances last year. I've really moved away from a lot of those because the ones I want (Frederic Malle Carnal Flower, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, etc.) in full sizes are well out of my price range and I've not much interest in all the celebrity junk and cash-in flankers that flood the cheap to mid-range market these days.

6. It's really hot here. Did I mention that? I hate summer. :-(

7. I am currently testing out some perfumes from Sarawen, which I heard about via Suzanne (damn enabler). They're mostly headkicking oriental/gourmand scents, which long time readers will know is right up my alley. It's really a bit hot for those kinds of perfumes at the moment (did I mention it's hot here?), but I don't care. So far I'm loving them - proper review to follow soon. Here's a sneak peek pic.

8. I am also enjoying these cute owl earrings that I got from Ike and Co on Etsy. They're quite large but super light so they're easy to wear. I want some more in
different colours.

9. Finally, this is not really safe for work, but it made me laugh my head off when I saw it so I have to share it.

So, what are you guys up to lately?


  1. Hahaha your perfume figure makes me feel better about my 47 :)

    1. Most of mine are perfume oils, which come in small bottles, so it doesn't look like too bad of a collection. ;-)

  2. If I get on Pinterest, the physical me will cease to exist. I'll just be this entity on the internet, pinning everything and no one will see me outside of my room. (I was on Polyvore before and that was time-consuming enough.)

    I probably shouldn't get on ScentBase. The urge will be to make my list longer instead of shorter. ;) But there should be something like that for nail polish. It got so hard to keep track last year that sometimes I bought duplicates without realizing.

    1. I wish they did one for makeup - I'd be all over that.

  3. I haven't ventured into Pinterest territory yet.

    We are having an awful summer too. I think I need to be one of those people who goes south for the summer and comes back home for winter. Give me winter anyday. I've discovered that bub hates summer too, poor thing.

    Suzanne has me lusting after the Sarawen perfumes too, I have managed to resist so far (mainly because bub has been really clingy lately so I haven't had the chance to place an order).

    I shall blame you when I purchase those owl earings too!

    1. I am loving the owl earrings so much - I want them in every colour!

  4. I love love love pinterest!