Monday, January 2, 2012

Frittering Week 2

It's amazing how much I managed to fritter away this week considering that pretty much nothing was open for at least two of those days, and little was open on most of the other days. Adelaide kind of dies down in the week between Christmas and New Year - I had to trek a long way to get my coconut water!

Alcohol* $16.99
Beauty Subscription** $14.95
Breakfast $8.90
Coconut water $7.25
Coffee $14.70
Dinner $62.14
Lottery*** $9.05
Lunch**** $18.40
Magazines $8.95
Snacks (healthy) $0.85
Snacks (unhealthy) $8.05

*I bought a 6 pack of cider a few days ago when it started getting really hot. I still have two in the fridge as I've just been having one or two at night.
**Okay, I have no rational explanation for this. It's a Glossy Box subscription that I impulsively signed up to while watching jodik76's video bagging them out for their crappy customer service and shoddy organisational skills. This is truly a hardcore fritterer's fritter.
***I only ever buy lottery tickets when it's a jackpot. I may be walking around with $31 million and not even know it.
****I can't explain this. I bring my lunch to work, and I only worked 3 days this week. I don't understand where this came from.

All in all, better than last week, but really that's just because most of the time I have been at home. I'm on holiday this week and as soon as the heat dies down in a couple of days I'll be heading out the door to stretch my legs - that will be the testing time.

Mini Goal #3
Buy no coffee. Not a single one. I want to say I'm going to attempt my Mini Goal #2 and give up coffee entirely but I already have a non-stop headache from the heat and needing to have a fan on all day, I don't think I could battle a caffeine headache on top of that. I might leave that until next week, when hopefully it will be cooler (IT HAD BETTER BE).


  1. hahaha Glossy Box is on my shit list :P after all their faffing about and endless spam emails 0_o

    I bought a magazine today, I really should subscribe hmm

  2. Those sample boxes are just such a waste of money! The only wise thing I have done in my life is not to subscribe to any of them. I think all other fritterings are totally justifiable :)
    I just calculated how much I spent on perfume in 2011. Shocker! Total shocker!

  3. Jade, I know - I don't know what I was thinking! I've read so many dramas about Glossy Box in particular. But I was looking at the site while I was listening to Jodi talk about it and somehow it just happened. I figure I'll grab a couple and then get out. I do lose interest in these sorts of things pretty quickly, so that's a plus. ;-)

    Su, you're so right. It was a moment of craziness. This is what happens when it's too hot to go outside and do anything!

  4. I'm done with the dumb beauty boxes, too. No more unless they're practically free.

    How/why are you quitting coffee?? I've dialed it down to a cup or two a day, which is a miracle. But I have to have the morning cup. Without it I'd die or kill someone on the way to work.

  5. Liz, I just don't like anything having such a hold on me. I don't drink much coffee - usually 2 cups a day early in the morning, but I'm really sensitive to caffeine and if I don't have it I get searing headaches (also, if I have any caffeine after about noon I'm awake all night). I just want to break the addiction really and have an occasional cup instead of needing those two every day.

    Also, I almost always buy one of those two a day and I'd like to save the nearly $5 a day and do something else with it!