Monday, December 26, 2011

Frittering Week 1

I thought that this week I might be less inclined to fritter, since I was aware that I would have to record it all here at the end of the week. Ha! Brain - you don't know me at all! So the following is the list of definitely unnecessary items bought this week, perhaps with some justifications...

Alcohol*  $56.98
Breakfast  $10.65
Coconut Water  $21.05
Coffee  $24.50
Dinner  $73.90
Gum**  $3.90
Ice Cream***  $11.80
Lunch  $24.90
Snacks (healthy)  $9.95
Snacks (unhealthy)****  $14.73

*That's more spent on alcohol in a week than I have spent on it in the last 6 months. In my defence, it wasn't all for me - Ben (ex) came over for dinner on Friday night and I bought him some cider, because I'm nice like that. And there's a bottle of wine still in the fridge that will probably sit there for weeks before I drink it.
**Not really a fritter as it was for Noodle Arms before she got on a plane to help blocked ears, but I included it because it's one of those small, impulsive purchases I would not normally buy but that adds up.
***This is well out of left field. I'm not a fan of ice cream - I might have one twice a year. I had a weird urge Saturday when it was really hot, and my local IGA only sells them in boxes so I bought some and only ate one. Noodles will hoover up the rest of them when she gets home - probably within seconds since there is hardly ever ice cream in this house.
****What can I say? It's been a snacky week. Mini chocolate Christmas puddings with coffee, BBQ shapes, an overpriced pastry at the airport... not keen on getting on the scales this week, I can tell you.

Mini Goal #1
My mini goal for the week is to cut the coffee purchases. I am only working for three days this week, and then I have a couple of weeks off, so this is the perfect time. I want to try to be organised enough to have my two morning coffees at home before I go to work, rather than one at home and then buying one (or sometimes two).

Mini Goal #2
During my holidays, I'm going to try to break the coffee habit entirely. Not sure how I'll go on that one, as I've tried several times before when I've had time off work and it's always been a crushing failure, with me giving in to the headaches by the third day and scoffing a large cappuccino. However, I am determined to try again. Caffeine - I WILL DEFEAT YOU....eventually....maybe.

So did you have a big spendy spendy week? Of course you did, who doesn't the week before Christmas?


  1. I'm still struggling with coffee. I always have one in the morning, but some days are better than others in terms of how much I drink during the day. I think I need to get onto the T2 bandwagon to seriously curb my habit...

  2. I have tried so many times this year to break the coffee habit, but I don't drink enough to make it worthwhile bringing my own milk or anything, and it's a great way to take a break and stretch - walk up the road for a coffee. Ugh. :-/

  3. I always tell myself "coffee is good for you" lol that way I never have to give it up ;)

  4. I'm not a coffee drinker and have never really been. I usually have one Red Bull when I work morning shift and am waiting for my 5.31am train. I love Red Bull but I'm mental if have more than one!

    There's a few habits I want to change, spending being one of them but I'm letting myself have a last fling before 1 Jan.

  5. I never drank coffee for 25 years of my life and after I had Baby Elephant, I'm addicted! I don't even enjoy it, still I keep drinking. It is crazy.

    I'm frittering like there's no tomorrow. All the discounts and Boxing Day sales are so tempting!

  6. Jade, it is good for you in small doses (and I generally only have small doses), but it just annoys me that I am so beholden to it. It's like a battle now. I MUST WIN.

    Natalie, I'm terrified of energy drinks. I keep waiting to hear about someone's heart exploding from drinking them or something.

    Su, did you get anything good at the sales?

  7. I just couldn't get into Pitt St, it was crazily crowded. Still managed some bargains. I got some tops from Esprit discount outlet, some unmentionables from Cotton On Body and Essie nail polish set. Everything was really cheap! Going for a second round of shopping :) It is not yet 2012 :D

  8. I'm sticking to my two (and sometimes three) coffees a day - I don't have many vices left, and a lady needs at least one! Really, two coffees is probably perfectly alright (compared to the minimum 4-5 long blacks I used to have, anyway) I've only tried an energy drink once - SCARY!!!! I only drank less than half a V, too. I think I'll stick to raspberry lemonade if I need a boost, lol.

    I tried really hard to switch one cup of coffee to tea this year - end result was the only thing I like is a fruity concoction that has nothing related to actual tea anywhere near it. I don't like tea, so coffee it is.

    The fritterage has been fairly restrained (well, there was the little incident at Laura Ashley when I went looking for a dress to wear on Christmas day and came home with two pairs of pants and two tshirts. Oops. I still didn't get a dress and didn't wear anything I'd bought on xmas day). Aside from that - I don't think I've bought anything. (Oh, we bought a fancy power board and some vacuum cleaner bags, lol)

    While I am considering hitting up the sales tomorrow, I don't *need* anything aside from another couple of short sleeved shirts for work.

  9. Su, score! What did you get in Round 2?

    So what did you buy at the sales, Jodi?

  10. UNDERWEAR!!!! Three bras (good special, though) and some clothes for the kids. No short sleeved shirts... oh wells, I will have to go shopping again tomorrow.