Saturday, August 9, 2014


Aloha! I am still alive, and though I have quite a few blog posts I've been working up to doing, I am just going to do a quick update for now of some random crap.

1. I had been acting in a higher position for nearly 4 years and it's one of those ones you have to reapply for every year. I decided not to reapply this year because I hate the job, I hate almost everyone I was working with, and it was just causing me too much stress. Instead I've taken a massive pay cut to go and answer phones all day. I am going to be pretty povo from now on, but it's so much better than dealing with all the shit I had to deal with before. Although nothing ever changes in call centres - there are always a large number of weirdo loner types, and pretty much everyone is on some stupid diet and can never stop banging on about it. Whatevs, I just want to do my work and go home.

2. Noodles and I have been watching Game of Thrones together - her for the first time - and I am enjoying it a lot more now that I understand the connections between everyone and what's happening. For example, I was bored shitless the first time with Daenerys wandering around in the desert for four seasons but it's far more interesting to me now I know why she is doing it. I still have no clue why the wildlings and Jon Snow are going over the wall though. I also noticed that Jon Snow has exactly one facial expression - confused stoner. They really needed a much more charismatic actor for that role, considering how central the character appears to be. Noodles has somehow managed to avoid spoilers almost entirely - except for that one big one in Season 4 that book readers could not resist shooting their gobs off about. So when there was that death in Season 1 and then that other death in Season 2 she was shocked and devastated. Tonight we are watching S03E09. Oh, Noodles. If only you knew.

3. I am currently obsessed with steel cut oats - yes, I've become one of those people. I had tried them before in the slow cooker and it was a complete disaster, but I read somewhere online that you could just soak them overnight, so I decided to try that. I have been mixing the oats with skim milk, frozen blueberries and a tablespoon each of slivered almonds, chia seeds and sunflower seeds in a mason jar (yes, I've become one of those people too) and leaving overnight. I take it to work with me and it's awesome. Chewy and filling and I feel super healthified.

4. My current favourite podcast is Picturehouse Podcast, a London-based film cast that's hosted by two guys who work for a cinema company. (Maybe only one of them does - I don't really know.) Anyway, while their news section is more relevant to locals, their general chat and reviews of films are really fun and interesting, and they have a lot of interviews with cast and creators of various movies. I liked it so much that I downloaded most of their back catalogue and spent a few months listening to them for a couple of hours a day. I'm up to date now and only get a half hour or so fix a week. Boourns. If you like films, check it out. And of course I still highly recommend previously mentioned favourites like Answer Me This, How Did This Get Made, Personal Arrogants and pretty much any of the Bald Move TV and movie podcasts.

5. Noodles has a new BFF at school who is a full on feminist and it's really rubbing off on her. Yesssssss!

6. I've stopped reading the news sites. It's so depressing what this shithead government is doing to pretty much every vulnerable group they can hunt down and stomp on. They are a pack of nasty cunts and I really, really hope that they don't last longer than one term because if they hang around much longer we are all completely screwed.


  1. I might look into steel cut oats, I love overnight oats especially in warmer weather, I eat them straight out of the fridge, so refreshing! I hate the news, I've tuned out, I just can't deal with how fucked up everything is and it makes me feel powerless.

    1. The oats are great - so easy to just soak overnight and super filling!