Wednesday, April 2, 2014

50 Book Challenge 2014 - March Books

This is basically a blog turned into a book, and that’s pretty much how it read. It was an easy read though, and I zipped through it pretty quickly. It’s written by a woman who grew up overweight and decided to lose weight in her early 20s, while simultaneously going to live overseas for a year, and it’s just about how she got slim and found a fella. Cute but forgettable.

I read this way back in the early 90s and didn’t remember much about it besides the bare bones. A group of children tired of dealing with their drunken mess of a mother decide to lock her in the basement until she turns into the mother they want. It sounds more sinister than it is. The story is actually a really interesting feminist text about the destructive effect that a selfish man who doesn’t like women has on the women in his life. It made me think a lot about Don Draper and his wives.

Very typical Harlan Coben story about people from the past showing up suddenly and not being who they appear to be. There’s an internet money-fishing scam going on and a sub-plot about a murdered father, then a bit of a rubbish twist that is pretty obvious from early on in the novel. Definitely not one of his better ones, but it was a fast read – I cleaned it up in a day.

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