Thursday, August 15, 2013

Priceline sale and a rant

Priceline has a sale on at the moment with all Maybelline half price and Covergirl eye and lip products for $10, so I thought I'd wander down there this morning and have a look. I was really only interested in checking out the eyeliners as I've been hearing good things, and getting one of those wind up concealer wotsits in the brightening shade. All of which I managed to get.

So, funny (not really) story. Priceline in Gawler Place - which is the nearest one to me and the least objectionable of the 3 city stores (though also probably has the lowest range) - is generally pretty quiet early in the morning so I took an early tea break and headed down. The place was practically deserted - there was no one else in the entire aisle I was in and after getting the things I specifically wanted I was happily standing there examining eyeshadows (don't need 'em, but you know.. half price), when along come these two girls who proceed to shove themselves in front of me between me and the display stand. I had to step back to avoid crashing into them. It was like I was invisible! I said something like "Are you right there?" and they completely ignored me, yabbering amongst themselves about how they wanted to buy this or that and basically just get 'one of everything'. I rolled my eyes, moved over to the other side of the display, and was looking at powders and foundations, when they stepped in front of me AGAIN and started snatching things off racks that I was trying to look at.

Now, this is not a case of a packed out sale and it's everyone for themselves. There was no other person in that aisle but me and these two breathtakingly rude individuals. Every time I moved to look at something, they would eventually push in front of me again until finally I'd had enough and just left.

Interestingly (not really), I'm almost certain one of them is a local beauty blogger. I know I've seen her before and I am sure it's in a blogging context. I can't place who she is though - believe me, if I could name and shame I damn well would. But if you're an Adelaide beauty blogger who was shoving your way past a chick minding her own business at the Maybelline display in Gawler Place Priceline this morning with your equally ignorant friend and bored-looking boyfriend, here's a big FUCK YOU going out to you. Learn some manners, princess.


  1. truly amazing how common that complete lack of self awareness is. And rudeness, obviously, but that's sort of included.
    And being a librarian has made me ultra sensitive to excess unnecessary noise. Yep, I'm going to shush you if you bang books around and drum your nails on the table, and no, it aint against the rules, because we don't lay out rules regarding how not to be a dipshit.

    Ugh, general public.

    1. I cannot stand unnecessary noises! Poor Lily has been subjected to my glaring so often when she has been crinkling chip or chocolate packets while we are watching movies or whatever.

      If I were a librarian I'd be shushing all over like a mofo.

  2. Oh god, that shit happens all the time here. There are a ton of self-entitled shit stains with absolutely no manners. Sorry this happened to you. And I'll add an additional middle finger to those bitches!

  3. People are dickheads. I have to admit though, I always like when your posts involve a rant.

    Also that Cover Girl mascara could be described as amazeballs if I ever used such a heinous word.

  4. I'm the same as Natalie... I love a good rant. I love that Maybelline concealer too!