Sunday, August 4, 2013

Current Favourite Non Beauty Things

Orange is the New Black
If you've had any kind of conversation with me in the last fortnight, I've probably told you to watch this already, because frankly, I can't shut up about it. There is so much to love about this show - it's mostly women, the guys are jerks, and not in the Don Draper/Tony Soprano "ooh, he's a bad arse" kind of way, almost no one is entirely good or entirely bad (well, not among the women, anyway), it's funny, it's dramatic, it's sad, it's shocking. It's bloody brilliant. Watch it.

Sneaky Pickle
Food trucks have become a thing in Adelaide in the last year or so - I know, I know, only 10 years behind everyone else. It was actually Noodles who spotted this one first a couple of weeks ago, and although I have a rule about not eating food from food trucks (because I am clumsy and food truck food is invariably messy), this one seemed too good to pass up. That there in the picture are brisket sandwiches with sides of coleslaw and a pickle. Top left is onion rings, top right is fried mac and cheese fingers. There were two of us eating this, and we should have gotten one sandwich to share, because this food is SO filling and SO rich we couldn't finish. However, it was worth it - the brisket is cooked in some kind of smoked hickory sauce and the mac and cheese fingers are just ingenious (they do lean salty though so people sensitive to salt might find it's a bit much for them). Note to self: next time either sandwich or sides.

Welcome to Night Vale
This is a podcast that apparently the cool kids are all over, but that I only heard about recently. The premise is that it's a radio news show for a small desert town where a lot of weird things happen. It's hard to describe, but highly addictive. 

Answer Me This
Another podcast I seem to have found years after everyone else, this is a British show with a simple premise - people send in their questions (either specific 'why is X called X kind of questions, or 'problems' requiring advice) and the hosts answer them. The hosts have those charming, easy to listen to BBC kind of voices and they're often hilarious. Short and sharp and well-edited, definitely worth listening to.

Boardwalk Empire
I've been rewatching this with Ben, who FINALLY started watching it a couple of weeks ago after me nagging him for about two years. We marathoned 8 episodes of Season 2 last night, including that episode. Yeah, you know the one. That one. And then the next one. Oh my god. I'm a bit wary of rewatching Season 3 - although it has a satisfying large amount of Richard Harrow (swoon), Bobby Cannavale - whom I usually love - is SO annoying he almost ruined the entire season for me. Let's see if I find him more tolerable the second time around. Season 4 starts in September, and I'm excited!

Finally, not a current favourite but an anticipatory favourite:


I will be preparing myself by listening to Bald Move's Breaking Good podcast next week, where they will discuss fan theories and hopes for the final 8 episodes. Then on the following Monday I'll be coming home from work early, blacking out the interwebs, pouring my champaggen and a bowl of Twisties, and settling in. I can't wait. But I also dread it being gone forever. I AM SO CONFLICTED.


  1. I need ta get on all these casts as well as orange is the new black!

  2. Orange is the New Black is great. I watched the whole season in 2 days. Agree about BB- so excited to see the new episodes but what will I do when. It's gone ?! Noooooo!!!