Saturday, April 20, 2013


Pretty random.

1. I haven't been into blogging much of late (and my poor perfume project blog is suffering for it too), mostly because I haven't been on my laptop - I tend to read most things on my phone and writing and commenting and whatnot is a pain in the arse on an iPhone. I've also had some dramas going on with Noodles. She's been a bit depressed - like, actual depression, not 'oh, this boy doesn't like me and I'm sad' depression. She's okay, but she's a bit up and down and I'm currently using up a lot of my time and energy trying to be there for her and get her some help. So when I have time to myself I just feel like sitting there staring vacantly at the TV or flicking through my bloglist or Buzzfeed or whatever on my phone.

2. The other day I was cleaning out my Favourites on YouTube and I was reminded of some clips I love. These are just guaranteed to make me laugh - I've probably posted them before, but they're worth another spruik if so.

First of all, one of my favourite clips from Malcolm In The Middle, a show I always loved. Hal was always my favourite character, and I thought that his whacky comedy combined with how much he genuinely loved his wife and kids was pulled off beautifully by Bryan Cranston, who really is an amazing actor.

Then there's Tom Hanks doing Toddlers and Tiaras, which I KNOW I've posted (probably many) times before, but it always, always cracks me up.

If you're a Gavin and Stacey fan, you'll remember Smithy and Rudi's rap to entertain Gav on the phone.

And finally a new favourite that I'm sure everyone has seen by now as it's been doing the round of the internet for the last couple of days. It's an out-take from Parks and Recreation with Patton Oswalt performing a 'citizen filibuster' and delighting the inner nerd in all of us (and I'm not even a particular Star Wars or Marvel fan).

3. I have been doing a bit of splurging lately - probably about time to reign it back in. As well as a bunch of new perfumes and perfume samples, for the first time in ages I bought some makeup - not that I need it, as you would know if you've been around this blog for a while. I didn't want anything in particular - I was just interested in trying out Beauty Joint, as a lot of Aussies use that site for brands we can't get here like Wet'n'Wild, ELF, Nyx, etc. I picked up a few things that caught my eye.

I haven't really done much more than play yet, though I did try out the Wet'n'Wild foundations. The colours are slightly off - one runs a bit too yellow and one a bit too pink. I'm going to mix them and see if that helps. As far as texture, application, etc. they're pretty good for a super cheap foundation (about $6US).

4. As far as my stories go:
  • Super annoyed that Breaking Bad doesn't come back until August. That's too looooooong! I don't know what I'm going to do when it finishes. I feel like there will be some weird kind of worldwide mourning for it. I've spoken to some other people about it and they said the same thing. Maybe we are just all way too attached to our stories. 
  • The Walking Dead finale was a dud. I love that show, but god, sometimes the writing is just... ugh. 
  • Of the new shows out recently, I'm still watching The Following, even though it's stoooooooopid, and the serial killer guy is about as charasmatic as a vacuum cleaner salesman. I watched two episodes of Hannibal and found it gimmicky and annoying. The one I'm really getting into is Bates Motel. It started off a bit clunky, but once the older brother showed up and started messing with the dynamic between Norma and Norman the pace really picked up. As my friend Jade said, there's something a bit Twin Peaks-ish about it, what with all the townspeople having creepy secrets and everyone being a bit 'off', and so on. 
  • Nurse Jackie is back - yay! I love the show overall but what really keeps me coming back is Merritt Wever. She is ADORABLE as Zoe the nurse. I  love her so much it makes me feel a bit creepy - if I lived in Hollywood I'd probably stalk her. She turned up in an episode of New Girl the other day and I literally squealed when I saw her. 
  • Speaking of New Girl, NO THANK YOU to the Nick and Jess thing. It's not working. Make it go away. Also, those lensless glasses just bug the crap out of me so much, especially because she wears them at times that would be appropriate for regular glasses - rather than as an (albeit dopey) fashion statmement - like when she is teaching or sitting in front of the computer. THEY. HAVE. NO. GLASS. IN. THEM. THEY. ARE. NOT. GLASSES. 
  • Yay forever that Mad Men is back. Aaaaaah, like slipping on an old, slightly confusing pair of slippers. And also Game of Thrones, which I don't love as much, but I do still enjoy. I always listen to the Bald Move podcasts after in the hopes that they and/or their listeners who write in with feedback can shed more light on the bits that baffled me. If you're a fan of either of these shows, I highly recommend these podcasts - Mad Men Happy Hour and The Night's Watch.  They also do casts for The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad when they're on.
5. Speaking of TV, I finally managed to get someone else to watch Bob's Burgers, and now Jacquie and I spend probably way too much time throughout the day sending each other gifs or quoting lines. "Ginger's cat died... but in a really funny way!"

6. I went shopping with Noodles the other day - for the first time in ages she actually wanted to go out in public with her mum. She dragged me through all these groovy (do the kids still say groovy?) shops I would never set foot in otherwise - and man, did I feel old or what - and I was surprised and pleased to see that 90s fashion seems to have made a reappearance. I love 90s clothes - not mum jeans or spaghetti strap dresses with t-shirts, but the black tights, chunky black lace up shoes, plaid, band t-shirts, houndstooth skirts, hand dyed petticoats worn as dresses, etc. I wish I could get away with wearing all that again - I'd be all over it. And I hope this means the 80s is finally going away because that shit is ANNOYING.  I have a wee mohair cardigan that I have kept for about 20 years and since they're sort of part of the fashion now I gave it to Noodles. It's about 4 sizes too small for me these days - that dream has well and truly died. It might as well go to someone who can do the buttons up.

7. Noodles is away for school holidays at the moment with her dad, so I think I'm going to spend the weekend reading books and magazines. I have a bunch of Rolling Stones I have yet to get through and I was reading an article in one yesterday and remembering how damn good their journalism often is. It makes a nice change from all the opinionated, dumbed-down, journalistic shit that passes for journalism these days, at least in this country.


  1. LOL that filibuster was immense. Loved Amy/Leslie's interjection about the female parts being a little underwritten!!!

    1. LOVED IT! I don't even know half of what he's talking about and it's still glorious. Did you see the guy in the front left enjoying it just a bit too much? Haha. :-)

  2. One thing I know for sure is that I'm going to totally embrace being a hermit this winter for the love of TV <3

  3. That Tom Hanks YouTube video gets me every damn time! Love it! :)

    I think I want to check out Bates Motel, I'm finding it hard to commit to stories at the moment

    1. I can never get enough of it. "Sexy feet! Sexy FEET!"

      Bates Motel is goooood - definitely worth putting in your repertoire of stories. But easily one that you could save until you've got a big load of free time and then watch the whole season. I think it's only 10 episodes.

  4. I'm already dreading the end of Breaking Bad:(

    1. If Jesse dies I am going to be DEVASTATED.