Monday, December 17, 2012

Eccentric Cosmetics

I happened across Eccentric Cosmetics on one of my Etsy trawls and as soon as I realised it was Australian I had to order something. Yet again, this is an Aussie indie company I've never heard of, but when I was searching for swatches and reviews it seemed that it had been around for quite a few years.

Indoors in natural light

Outdoors in natural overcast light

Top row: 

Higgs Bosun - acid yellow with a blue/green shimmer. This one was a freebie, and although I'd never wear yellow eyeshadow, I do really like the effect of it.

Acid Drops - a bright shimmery green, super pretty. This was another freebie, and it's not currently listed in the store, so I don't know whether it's new or sold out or what. I'd buy this in a full size though, I love it.

Munchies - a duller green than Acid Drops, with blue shimmer. It's actually brighter than it shows in the photo, and I like it a lot too.

Bottom row: 

Mischievous Punk - purple with a reddish-purple sparkle. Again, the pictures are not doing it justice. This one is gorgeous.

False Astronomy - a coppery purple red with orange shimmers that changes dramatically in various lights. This one is probably my favourite - it's like nothing I've ever had before.

Victorian Steampunk - a golden brown colour, nothing particularly unique, but still very pretty. I like this one a lot, and I'd probably get a lot of wear out of it.

Indoors in natural light

Outdoors in natural overcast light

Top row:

Wicked Mischief - shimmery gold with a pink tinge to it. More pink in real life than  it looks in the picture.

Progressive Adaptation - brown with blueish purple sparkles, another duochrome that changes in the light.  Lerve it!

Petal Poison - rose pink with gold sparkles. Very pretty, but this is a shade I'm particularly fond of and I have a few other similar ones already.

Bottom row: 

Vesuvius - a super shimmery taupe. I'd probably wear this a lot too, even though there's a lot of sparkle, it's not too glittery or chunky. 

Dragon Claw - green with silvery-blue shimmer. In real life this is way more green than it shows in the picture. This is another favourite of mine - I do loves me some green eyeshadows!

Pure Intoxication - a purplish taupe with blue shimmer. This one is also not currently listed.


I like these a lot - they're all highly shimmery/sparkly, but they don't have giant chunks of glitter in them or anything, so they're still suitable for your everyday Jill or Joe Blow. There are a few in the ones I bought that were different from anything else I own, and that's a pretty rare thing these days.

I paid $12AUD for 10 samples, plus $2AUD shipping. I received 2 free samples in my order as well. All were generously sized - 1/4 teaspoon. I ordered on 10 December, received a shipping notice on 12 December, and received it on 14 December. Love buying things from my own country - no massive hold ups in customs!

There is also an option for bloggers and YouTubers to buy 5 samples at a reduced price. I did not use this because... well, you all know I'm not comfortable with that sort of thing. Besides, I thought $14 for 10 samples plus shipping was already pretty damn reasonable!

I will definitely be going back to this store in the early new year. 

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