Sunday, November 18, 2012

50 Book Challenge - To Infinity and Beyoooooond!


48. Good As Dead - Mark Billingham. It doesn't say much for this book that I had to go and read the Amazon synopsis to remember what it was even about. Cop held hostage by desperate parent. Blah blah. Boring.

49. The Retribution - Val McDermid. Serial killer escapes from prison and goes on a revenge rampage. This is a sequel to one of her earlier books, the name of which escapes me. Is it Wire In The Blood, maybe? Anyway, not great.

50. White Trash Beautiful - Teresa Mummert. One of the very few books I have bothered to write a review for on Goodreads, because it was SO BLOODY AWFUL. Seriously.

51. How To Be A Woman - Caitlin Moran. I have a lot to say about this book and its author, but this is not the time nor the place to say it. Suffice to say, I rather despise her.

52. After The Wreck I Picked Myself Up, Spread My Wings And Flew Away - Joyce Carol Oates. I had no idea that Joyce Carol Oates wrote YA novels, and I had no idea at the time of reading this that it was a YA novel, or I never would have picked it up. It's about a girl whose mother dies in a car crash (not a spoiler, it happens before the story begins), and she goes to live with relatives. It was really well-written, and I liked it very much.

53. Blindsighted - Karin Slaughter. Standard serial killer crime novel. Man, they're all so samey-same. Even though I've made my goal this year, I've been super lazy with my choice of reading material. Next year I need to up the stakes and stop reading all these shitty 'thrillers'.

54. How To Be Good - Nick Hornby. There were parts of this book that I loved and parts that were quite insufferable. Nick Hornby... I don't know. He's got something, but I just can't entirely embrace him. It's about a doctor whose notoriously ranty, angry husband suddenly becomes a massive do-gooder after meeting a weird guru guy.

55. Creep - Jennifer Hillier. A professor has an affair with her TA and breaks it off. TA decides to exact revenge. Very obviously a first novel, and clunky in a lot of parts, but quite readable.

56. The Intruders - Michael Marshall. This book has four different sections of story going on at once, entirely seperately for a very long time, and it's very difficult to see how it will all come together. It does eventually, but the ending doesn't entirely work for me. I found that it really dragged for quite a big chunk in the middle, but I kept reading just because I wanted to know how it would end.


  1. Congrats! I just finished up my 50 books too!

  2. Congrats, what did you think of How To Be A Woman?

    My 2c - I guess I found parts amusing but really it didn't contribute anything to feminism, more autobiographical than anything.

  3. I hate you all. I did it last year but i don'r reckon I've even made it to 25 this year.

    Interesting re Moran. There's something i read with her that made me dislike her but i can't remember what it was. I was curious about the book but won't bother.