Saturday, October 27, 2012

Etsy Lerve

I feel like it's been a couple of years since I last pimped out my Etsy favourites, and a couple of things have happened lately to prompt me to share some more love. Firstly, Jessica and Suzanne both sang the praises of their favourite Etsy shops, and secondly, one of my old favourites reopened after a long break. So here we go - go forth and spend money!

Poison Apple Apothecary
Perfumes, body lotions, and scrubs in some really lovely fragrances - they are particularly good with gentle florals. Lasting power varies depending on the scent, but I decant the oils into a roller bottle and find they are easier to slather for more staying power. My personal favourites are Ghost of the Knoxville Girl, Garden of Graves, and White Rabbit. You can get samples and/or mini versions of everything, and their customer service is fantastic.

Wiggle Perfume
Gorgeous, gorgeous heavy floral and musk-oriented perfumes with a burlesque theme. Wonderful service, and everything is available in samples. I particularly love Buxom, Speakeasy Vanilla, and Little 5.

Noodles' go to for presents for her friends, this shop sells sturdy, cute pencil cases with a big range of designs.

iCase Sera Sera
iPhone cases, including a big range of really cool retro styles. I have two, Noodles has two, and I want pretty much one of everything.

The Garden Bath
One of the first Etsy stores I ever purchased from, and closed for a couple of years because of illness, this one recently reopened, to my delight. The owner, Donna, makes the most delicious food-scented perfumes - and her Chocolate Passion is probably my all time favourite chocolate scent. You can buy samples in sets, or custom pick any 6. She has Autumn Limited Edition scents out at the moment, available until the end of the year, and I am currently compulsively sniffing Vanilla Nutmeg on my wrist. Of the non-foodie scents available, I adore Fresh Roses, a gorgeous true rose note, and I'm hoping she brings back her Southern Magnolia perfume, because that's my all time favourite magnolia scent.

Aprons. I have one. Noodles has one. My mum has one. I've bought several for friends. They are gorgeous retro designs and beautifully made. They also sell children's sizes for mini budding p√Ętissiers. The hardest part is deciding on a fabric.

 Smile, Noodles! Life's not that bad.


  1. Ah those aprons are beautiful!

    1. They are so gorgeous. I want one of everything.

  2. Bookmarked them all! I wonder if a snazzy apron would inspire me to cook mm.

  3. Oh gosh love those aprons, I'm definitely going to be getting christmas presents from there!