Monday, September 24, 2012

50 Book Challenge

I'm going to make it this year, you guys!

43. The Poison Tree - Erin Kelly. I was really into about the first third of this but it gets really bogged down in the middle, and then has a silly twisty ending you can see coming a mile away. Set in 1990s London, it's about a sheltered university student who becomes BFFs with a hedonistic drama queen and her creepy brother.

44. Criminal - Karin Slaughter. Detective who grew up in an orphanage stumbles into a cover up involving said orphanage and his current boss. Mystery ensues, lots of twists and turns, standard crime novel. It was readable, but silly.

45. A Friend Of The Family - Lisa Jewell. There's a genre of British writing (and it's always British), that isn't quite chick lit, but doesn't really fit any other category either. It's usually a story about a family or a group of people doing nothing much at all and just rambling through life. Maeve Binchy is the queen of this genre. This book fits right in there - it's about a family who takes in a mysterious lodger who has an odd effect on each of their lives. The story is set up to be getting to a point, but it never quite gets there.

46. One Hit Wonder - Lisa Jewell. A washed up pop star commits suicide and her youngest sister - who barely knew her - tries to find out why. Again, fits the above genre perfectly. The story is okay, but the 'mystery' is dragged out way too long.

47. I Suck At Girls - Justin Halpern. This is the guy who wrote Shit My Dad Says, which was a surprisingly good book based on a Twitter account. This book is not as good - it's just a series of anecotes about the author's experiences with girls and women throughout his life, and it's nothing different to what most people have experienced with relationships. It just wasn't very interesting.


  1. Woo congrats! I'm going to make it this year too! I'm so excited!

    1. It's crazy how much the little things excite us. :-D