Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Bit of Etsy Wandering

Lately Noodles has been wanting to get body lotions and scrubs and whatnot because Dolly magazine told her she should or something, so I thought it was a good opportunity to trawl around Etsy.

Sugar scrub cubes from Sugar & Spice Soaps. I haven't tried these yet so I don't know what they're like, but they smell pretty nice. Chocolate Fudge is very chocolatey (though there's a faint plastic scent and I don't know if that's the scrub itself or the plastic container), and Ocean Breeze is a light floral. I don't know that I'd buy scrubs from Etsy again - I generally like them a lot better than the shop ones, but the shipping is killer because of their weight. Although, these two with shipping cost me about $30 all up, and I probably couldn't get anything comparable for that price in a shop, so who knows... ME FAIL AT MATHS.

Samples and minis of Embalming Cream from Poison Apple Apothecary. I've bought perfume oil from this seller before, and they've been gorgeous. Again, I only bought minis and samples to try at first because of high shipping due to weight, but I'm seriously tempted to lash out on some full sizes. The scents are lovely, and the product itself is not at all greasy or heavy.

iPhone cases from iCase Sera Sera. I have been wanting a groovin' iPhone case for a while, and most of the ones in the shops are craptacular and overpriced. The UK passport one is Noodles', and the olde worlde phone one is mine. I love them, except that they are an absolute bastard to remove, so you wouldn't want to be chopping and changing cases all the time.


  1. I love etsy, I think I could spend hours just oohing and ahhhing and wanting all of the things. I'm currently waiting on some lip balms and I wish they would HTFU!

    1. I also got some perfumes and lip balms from Firebird that I totally forgot to put in this post!