Thursday, July 26, 2012

Echolife Magnesium Gel with Aloe Vera

Picture from Echolife's website because my bottle has texta marks all over it due to having it next to me one night when I was watching TV and feeling fidgety.

I've had muscle pains for about a year now and for a while I was keeping them under control with a high dose magnesium powder, but it's not safe to take that for long periods, so I'd been looking around for something else when Sabine from Echolife kindly included a bottle of magnesium gel in one of my online orders.

This is a smooth liquidy gel that combines magnesium and aloe vera, and you just apply to the sore muscles and massage in. You can either leave it on or wash it off after 20 minutes. And it works - I have tennis elbow that flares up when I've been slogging it at work (I don't play tennis at work, just so you know - I know what you're all thinking about us public servants) and this really helps to soothe it at night.

Recently Noodles has been going crazy over something called an Insanity Workout (don't ask), and she's been using it on her aching muscles to great effect as well. 

I'm told that it's also good for soothing aches after running, but since the only time you'd ever see me run is if a bear was chasing me, I can't speak to that. 

If you get aches and pains, this stuff is well worth checking out. Echolife gives fantastic service and free shipping within Australia. What else do you need????


  1. Love this, used after runs and for lower back pain, definitely helps :)

    1. Ooh, lower back pain. I never thought to use it on my LADIES DAYS.

  2. Oh I need to try this! Echolife is the best! x

  3. I need to get some of this for hubby, he's always drenching himself in products to help muscle pain.

  4. Haha the only time I'd run is when a bear is chasing me too ;P This sounds like a winner, I have sore wrists permanently so might give this a go. I love Echolife, gotta love free shipping.