Sunday, February 5, 2012

Random Things I Have Been Enjoying Lately

1. Coconut Water
Coconut is the buzz word in the world of healthifying these days - everyone and his dog is preaching the miracle properties of coconut water and coconut oil. I'm not sold on the supposed benefits of coconut oil but that's a rant for another day. However, coconut water is my new favourite thing. I've only tried a few brands and this one is really the only one I enjoy so far - the others are tetra paks and have some weird aftertaste. I haven't tried a fresh one as yet - it's on my to do list.

2. Watching Dead podcast
I'm years behind everyone with the podcast thing, for several reasons. Firstly, I absolutely detest radio - it makes me super ragey and one of the things that drives me nuts at work is people who have radios on their desks. IT'S 2012, GET A DAMN IPOD. I have always put podcasts in the same basket as radio and therefore never bothered with them much aside from Ricky Gervais, who can do no wrong. However, lately I've been checking out some movie and TV podcasts. Most of them are kind of crap - it's like radio where no one is getting paid. A couple of people who fancy themselves as comedians sit around cacking themselves at their own crappy jokes. I have a rule of 3 minutes. If it's 3 minutes into the podcast and the hosts are still making stupid jokes and talking random garbage that no one cares about like what what they did on the weekend I'm out.

I stumbled across Watching Dead accidentally when I was just looking for general TV podcasts, and loved it immediately. It's hosted by two guys who like The Walking Dead but are not total fanboys, so they are quite critical of a lot of elements. I don't necessarily agree with all of their criticisms, but I think it's refreshing to hear honest points of view rather than just OMG YOU GUYS THIS SHOW IS SO AWESOME, as is inclined to happen when people who obsessively love a particular show start doing a podcast about it. They are entertaining and quite funny at times, though it's organic rather than the 'how can I squeeze a joke in here?' sort of forced humour. I'm a bit confused though - they talk about being from Indiana but they have Southern accents - one of them in particular quite a heavy one. Isn't Indiana in the mid-West? Or am I showing my complete ignorance of American geography? Anyway, this podcast has inspired me to go back and rewatch The Walking Dead (just in time for when it comes back in a week or so - woo!), and I'm picking up quite a few things I missed the first time around.

3. aLoveTart on YouTube

Mary is rapidly becoming my favourite YouTuber for reviews and comparisons. She is pleasant and easy to listen to, with good lighting so you can see the products clearly, and a confident manner in front of a camera. Unlike some of the more well-known reviewers she isn't snarky or dismissive and doesn't spend the first five minutes banging on about how she came to be in front of a camera that day. Her reviews are really informative and thorough. Well worth checking out if you're the type to be watching beauty vloggers.

4. Ron Swanson
If you've seen Parks and Recreation this needs no eplanation. And if you haven't seen it, you're missing out on comedy gold.

5. Perfume oils
This is an old picture and I no longer have many of these, but I still have enough perfume oils to keep me smelling nice for quite some time. I went off them for a while, preferring the ease of a quick spritz of a commercial fragrance, but I've recently come back to my little brown and green bottles of deliciousness, especially since I finally whittled down my stash to the ones I really liked and got rid of everything else. A lot of these have been sorely neglected so I'm doing a bit of a 'use it or lose it' project with them at the moment.

So that's me. What are you enjoying lately?


  1. I've only tried one brand of coconut water, think it was called "C" but admittedly I wasn't really fond of it, need to explore the different brands available :)

    Loving the Watching Dead podcasts but they have me hunting down the comics :) thanks for getting me onto them!

    I need to try this Parks & Recreation show, I love funny TV :D

    Perfume oils, same lately been wearing Wiggle Coconut Lotus a bit :)

    Umm tea, I've been enjoying tea lately and sunshine yesterday and today, hope it hangs around for a bit :)

  2. Try this one in the bottle, Jade - I never liked any of them until I hit on this. There's one that comes with pulp, one that comes with aloe and one that's plain. The pulp one is good but the bits get caught in my straw!

    I think I've told you before to watch P&R - season 1 is a clunky but still cute, and it's only 6 eps. From season 2 it gets really good.

    How awesome are those Walking Dead podcasts? They do a Breaking Bad one as well and I'm almost tempted to start watching it just so I can listen. Oh, and they're doing Mad Men when that comes back on. Woo!

  3. I've thought of dabbling with coconut water and coconut oil but it's just too much hassle to chase after. If I don't see them at the places I usually frequent, I just forget about them.

    I had fresh coconut for the first time at the Philippines and it wasn't as great as I expected it to be. I'd say it's comparable with the water that's packaged and sold.

    1. Coconut water is starting to pop up more frequently around here now - and there are lots of artsy fartsy cafes where I live that carry those kinds of things. ;-)

  4. I checked out aLoveTart and now I want the UD Naked 2 palette. I blame you! LOL. But I agree, she is easy on the eyes and ears, and I also love that she goes straight into the review or tutorial without rambling about her day.

    I love fresh coconut water, I'll have the packaged ones, but the do have have sugar in them.

    1. I think I prefer Naked 2 to the original, the colours are generally lighter and less dramatic. Glad you enjoyed Mary - I really like her. :-)

  5. I love coconut water, I buy mine at a local Asian market. I sometimes make a mix of coconut water with some water and coconut meat (you can get it in a can). It is delicious! And once I'm bored of that I add rum and it makes it that much funner!