Saturday, February 4, 2012

Prize Haul Swatches

I have finally managed to pin Noodle Arms down to get these swatches done for me so I can actually begin poking around in all the stuff that J sent me when I won her Naked 2 giveaway recently (warning: link contains Paul Rudd nakedness - this should actually read YOU ARE ABOUT TO GAZE UPON THE PERFECT SPECTACLE OF NAKED PAUL RUDD CONSIDER WHETHER YOU ARE WORTHY). I'm not going to swatch Naked 2 - you can find them all over the internet if you're interested, and I haven't been able to bring myself to mess up its pristine perfection as yet.

My first L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow, but definitely not my last. This colour is Continuous Cocoa, which I haven't seen anywhere here so I'm not sure whether it's available in this country. The swatch doesn't do it justice - it's a lovely dark brown, perfect for the infamous outer V. The texture of this is as awesome as everyone says it is - a sort of creamy powdery pressed I-don't-know-what.

Chimera, Candy Corn Pixie Sprinkles, Witch and Famous

Witch and Famous, Candy Corn Pixie Sprinkles (swatched over Detrivore primer)

I had a bit of a decanting blitz the other day with eyeshadow samples so these have been moved from the little baggie wotsits to jars. As I said in the previous post, Darling Girl have been on my radar for a long time but I've never tried them before (because, let's face it, I'm not exactly hurting for eyeshadows). I like these quite a bit - especially Witch and Famous, which is a matte taupe with a teensy bit of glitter. You know I love my taupes!

The Wet'n'Wild Color Icon Glitter Palettes were a limited edition product that came out around the time of one of the holidays a while ago. This one - Tinsel Town - is kind of odd. The glitter is overspray, so once you poke through the top layer they're just bright cream colours, and I don't really mind that because I'm a bit old for too much glitter. They don't swatch all that well when you're using the top layer - you can see in the pictures they're a bit chunky and uneven. They're much better once the glitter layer is gone though, and I think they'll make nice bases. I've read mixed reviews of them and a lot of people say they crease easily, but they're a drugstore brand cream product so I wouldn't be expecting miracles. A good primer should keep them on there for a while. I love that green - can't wait to try that out properly.

Golddigger, Sellout, Platinum, Trashed

Trashed, Platinum, Sellout, Golddigger (swatched over NYX White Eye Base)

The pigmentation of these Wet'n'Wild Shimmer Singles is nowhere near as good as most of the regular WnW Color Icon singles, which is weird because this is a company that has really picked up their game in the last year or so. I don't mind though, because these are colours I'd prefer to be a little muted anyway - I don't think I'd be walking around with startlingly bright magenta or gold eyelids. They all came with a black eyeliner, which is very creamy and easy to use but doesn't set, so I'd be more inclined to use those when I wanted a smudged effect rather than a precise line.

Aussies are falling over themselves to get their mitts on these new Maybelline products, because they're not hitting our shores until the end of the year (shenanigans!) - they're scouring eBay and hitting up friendly US bloggers for shopping favours and it's no surprise because these are AWESOME. I know a lot of people have crapped on the Bouncy Blushes, mostly because they are lacking in pigmentation, but as I've said before, I find that a pro rather a con because I spend a lot of time covering the redness in my cheeks and I don't want to just whack a heavy streak of colour back on there. This one is called Fresh Pink and it's the perfect colour for me - I just love these spring time pink shades.

The Maybelline Color Tattoos in Bold Gold and Edgy Emerald will be getting a ton of use because after months of neutral obsession, I've just started getting back into using the many coloured eyeshadows I have. I'm particularly fond of green eyeshadow, so having a green cream base will be very handy! I absolutely must find a way to get hold of more of these. They are fan-freakin'-tastic.

I hadn't heard of the Maybelline Super Stay Stain Glosses before I received one, but now I want more, more, MORE. It applies like a gloss, with a sponge tip applicator, and is slightly similar to the 'liquid lipsticks' like NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, except it's not matte. Once it sets it last for ages, fading a little to a stain but surviving through food and general daily wear (have not tested for pash-sustainability). The colour J sent me is Ruby Indulgence and it's really pretty - a very wearable red that applies semi-sheerly but can be easily built up. I really, really love this.

And here's Noodle Arms lip-swatching it:


So, to sum up I will be hunting down more of the Color Tattoos, the Bouncy Blushes and the Super Stay Stain Glosses with a vengeance. Good show, Maybelline - you're doing the drugstore makeup world proud!

And now I'm off to pat my Naked 2. Possibly while gazing at naked pictures of Paul Rudd.


  1. What great prizes! I've wanted that Continuous Cocoa shade for ages, but like you, I really don't *need* any more eyeshadows. I like muted bluses these days too, and the Maybelline blush looks perfect for summer days. I love the range of products here - you'll be set for years!

    1. It's a really great mix of different things - so much to play with! :-)

  2. Yeah I've never seen Continuous Cocoa in Aus either.MY fave infallible shade is Sahara Treasure, is so amazing on! I have some of the color tattoos and bouncy blushes on the way, am so excited! Where did you get the little pots for your shadow samples? Have so many baggies lying around ><

    1. Funny you should ask that - I bought them from TKB ages ago in a lot of 100, and at the time including shipping it was about $40AUD. I ended up getting rid of about half of them because they were sitting around and I didn't think I'd ever use them (at the time I was off loose shadows), but since I've started getting into the loose eyeshadows again lately I thought I'd buy some more. It was about $25 to get 100 of the jars and lids (don't care about sifters), but the shipping quoted was $46! Er, hello - that's a pretty massive jump in a couple of years! And they're tiny plastic jars - they might be a bit bulky but they don't weigh much, so I think $46 is kicking the arse out of it just a tad.

      Short version of all that: I am now looking for a cheaper source. I'll let you know if I find anything. :-)

  3. I think you should just end every post with a naked picture of Paul Rudd. Then photoshop your Naked2 into that picture and gaze lovingly at both for as much as you want all at once!

    Those Infallible shadows seem to be named all sorts of different things, even within one country. I'm pretty sure that the same shades have different names here in Ontario vs. Quebec. Those L'Oreal peeps must have so much fun.

    I'd pick up one of those Bouncy Blushes, except as you know, I'm on blush overload. Congrats on your winnings again!

    1. If I had the vaguest idea how to use Photoshop I would be making that happen RIGHT NOW.

  4. So weird. I have two comments from Su and The Peach in my email on this post but they're not here! DAMN YOU BLOGGER!