Friday, January 13, 2012

21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Woo, I'm a blogging machine today! I decided to join in the Echolife 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge after hearing about it on Twitter. I've been vaguely considering getting into these anyway as I've been reading some books about skin and health and they rave about the benefits of greenery.

Although I did buy some kale and parsley at the market yesterday, I wanted to start off slowly so all I did for day #1 was add baby spinach to what would be my regular smoothie recipe. I don't measure when I make these, I just eyeball it. So for my first time I used the following:

organic soy milk, probably a bit less than 2 cups
a few tablespoons of plain yoghurt
a heaped teaspoon of chia seeds
a heaped tablespoon of flaxmeal
a banana
a handful of frozen blueberries
two big handfuls of baby spinach
a smidge of vanilla extract (at Noodles' insistence, I wouldn't normally add this)

The colour came out more purple-green than the bright, lush green I was expecting, thanks to the blueberries. The taste was quite nice - it just tasted like a regular banana-blueberry smoothie with a little bit of a tang. Tomorrow I might try some parsley and throw in a bit of apple. It was quite filling - I had mine for morning tea but I could probably get into them for breakfast.

Noodles hated it, though more because of the texture than the taste. She's not a fan of smoothies because she doesn't like 'smooth' food. She also hates blended soups. Oh well, she eats her vegetables and salads so I'm not going to push her on this one.

Ever had a green smoothie? Did you join in the challenge?


  1. I just started reading about them and I am obsessed. I am pretty sure this is the answer to all my problems and it is definitely going to turn my life around and make me a better person. Haven't gone to the shops or found my blender though. I just keep reading and feeling virtuous

  2. Wah-hooooooo I'm on my second green smoothie for the day!

  3. Sounds very healthy. Not sure I'll like it but I'll have to taste and try it once!

  4. Okay, I made a kind of green smoothie for lunch with avocado, banana, pear, spinach and sweet peas, yoghurt and milk. Wow, very nice and so filling! I'll be making more of these for sure :)

  5. Jessica, that's how I feel when I read diet books or books about money.

    Jade, you're a gun!

    Su, that sounds quite nice - I might give that a go myself!